An Afro-cyberpunk adventure through shared realities

Coming Oculus Quest and Mobile AR 

Set within the Metaverse, you are Agent 1619, a young hacker newly enlisted into an elite Pan-African cyber defense team. In a world that is obsessed with cybernetic augmentation; enhancing various traits such as body parts, intelligence and memory. A cyber terrorist deploys a memory altering virus to every connected citizen, chaos erupts in all cities and neighboring African countries. This computer virus codenamed Chainlink, causes temporary blindness, digital dementia and aggressively deletes or implants false memories of the country’s history. As a member of cyber defense team “BHX”, you are tasked with finding and eliminating the virus and the hacker who created it. On your journey through virtual dreams and prosthetic memories, you will experience African and African American history like you’ve never seen it before.



African diasporic education through virtual reality


Ekhaya-> //

The story takes place inside of Ekhaya. Ekhaya is a virtual world that connects people from the African Diaspora to their place of origin, customs, and archived memories. 

Imagine a vast multiverse of inner connected hub spaces and virtual worlds; bound together by one thing, Africa. Everyone’s in VR free to roam, exchanging knowledge, entertainment and engaging with the virtual world as if it is their “Home”. Taking cues from early African empires, modern architecture, wikis and game design, this virtual world is built from the ground up as the digital nexus of African diasporic knowledge and culture.





Memories that are genetically passed down through generations.






Exploratory narrative

Multi-User Hub Worlds

RPG elements

Traverse through memories and dreams

Meditative spaces

Hours of unique gameplay


Will Roberts 

Creator + Narrative +Art Direction + Code




Vince Carter 

3D Artist + Gameplay

Louis Siu 

Code + Gameplay


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